Since 2001, the non-profit ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation has worked to enhance teaching and learning in our community. Unique in the world of education, our work is based on the notion that teachers teaching teachers is more powerful and effective than outside consultants with recipes and prescriptions for quality teaching.

Teachers need to be able to analyze and reflect on their practice, to assess the effects of their teaching, and to refine and improve their instruction. Acquiring this sophisticated knowledge and developing a practice requires the sharing of knowledge among educators. That, along with helping students through our Dial-A-Teacher program, is what we do.


teachers supported in the past 10 years


students tutored through our Dial-A Teacher program


workshops, classes & seminars to support teachers


teachers assisted in passing board certification


Great Practical Strategies

Standards-based, student-centered and teacher-created GPS classes focus on teaching with depth and for student engagement.

National Board Certification Support

Thanks to our support program, APS is one of the top districts in the nation for the number of Board Certified teachers. Since 2001, our program has supported more than 600 teachers by providing seminars to assist in passing board certification.

Dossier Support

Helping teachers advance in the NM licensure system by providing support in writing and submitting Professional Development Dossiers.

Career Pathway Support

Helping counselors, speech and language therapists, occupational and physical therapists, social workers and school nurses advance by providing courses designed to assist in writing and submitting Career Pathway Portfolios.

Managing Behaviors in the School Community

A series of workshops designed to aid educators in understanding behaviors that disrupt classrooms and to share strategies that promote learning.


Since 1991, thousands of students and parents statewide have been helped with homework through our Dial-A-Teacher program. During each school year, from 5:30 to 8:30pm, licensed teachers are on duty to provide help in English or Spanish. Using one-on-one instruction, each licensed teacher encourages students to think and persevere when working through difficult tasks, and helps them understand the material they are expected to master.


  • Research-based, teacher-led workshops

    Teaching is a complex activity. Teachers’ knowledge and skill directly impact student learning. Relevant professional development makes the difference in a high-quality teaching force. Since our inception in 2001, the Foundation has recognized that a knowledge base grounded in research is essential to professional practice.

  • Support for teachers aspiring to become National Board Certified

    Thanks to our support program, APS is one of the top districts in the nation for the number of Board Certified teachers. In 2015, New Mexico was 12th in the nation in the number of newly-certified teachers. Since 2001, our program has supported more than 600 teachers.

  • Help for Albuquerque’s students through the Dial-A-Teacher program

    All students can use a little homework help. That’s why we created Dial-A-Teacher. Licensed teachers help kids from kindergarten through 12th grade, in English and in Spanish. The program also assists parents who want to better understand their child’s homework. Thousands of students have been helped with their homework statewide since 1991.

  • Opportunities

    for educators to meet the needs of all our students.

The mission of the ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) is to provide support and opportunities for teachers:
  • to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning

  • to enhance their abilities as leaders in the field of teaching

  • to promote and enhance teacher professionalism

  • to gather together as teachers for professional conversations

  • to provide support for student learning



Paul RoenschNational Board Certified Teacher, High School Math (Retired), Foundation Treasurer
Wendy FullerExecutive Secretary of the ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation
Jim LujanSr. Account Executive, Technology Integration Group, Foundation Director
Dr. Sheryl Williams StapletonAPS Career Technical Education, NM State Representative, Foundation Director
Dr. Ellen BernsteinNational Board Certified Teacher, ATF President, Foundation Director
Loretta ShiverElementary Teacher (Retired), ATF PD Coordinator, Foundation Secretary
Dr. Tom KeyesProfessor, UNM COE (Retired), Foundation President
Marjorie KrebsUNM Presidential Fellow for K-12 Education, Foundation Director
Laurel WyckoffEducation and Outreach Manager, New Mexico PBS, Foundation Director
Alex BazanExecutive Assistant, Delta Consulting Group, Foundation Director

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